Shopify App: EU Cookie Consent Banner

Shopify App: EU Cookie Consent Banner


Where do I find a demo of the cookie constent banner?

You’ll already should saw the cookie consent banner on this page. If you didn’t closed it already, you’ll see a small notice about the cookie police at the bottom.

Is this really just a one-time payment?

Promise! There are no hidden fees and no recurring fees. You just pay once and able to use the checkbox how long and how often you want.

Will the banner also work on mobile devices?

Yes. The size of the banner is calculated automatically. To provide the best experience for the mobile user we highly recommend to place the banner at the bottom. Also have in mind that the text shouldn’t be too long.

Is this app working with every theme?

I heavily tested this app with several themes. However it is possible that on some themes the app can’t insert the code properly. So if the app isn’t working with you theme, please let me know. I will fix this on your store for free.

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