Shopify App: Cart Confirmation Checkbox


Is this really just a one-time payment?

Promise! There are no hidden fees and no recurring fees. You just pay once and able to use the checkbox how long and how often you want.

Is this app working with every theme? / I have installed the app but there are no checkboxes on my cart template

I heavily tested this app with several themes. However it is possible that on some themes that app can’t find the checkout button on your cart page. So if the app isn’t working with your theme, please let me know. I will fix this on your store for free.

I want to have this checkboxes on the checkout process not on the cart page.

Unfortunately it’s not allowed by Shopify and not possible to modify the checkout process at the moment. That’s why I chosen the cart page to implement the checkboxes. It’s the very last step before the customer enters the checkout process.

I changes my theme and the checkboxes are gone now.

The app is editing the theme.liquid file of your theme. So if you change your theme, all changes and customizations are gone. If you want to use another theme and want to use the checkboxes again you’ll be charged again.

I have installed the app but the checkboxes on my cart template doesn’t look that pretty.

I’ve tried to find a solution and a design which will match for the most templates out there. If you don’t like the style of the checkboxes on your template please get in contact with me. I’m sure we will find the perfect solution for your store.

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